What is the RK Tune?

The RK tune is first used in Barsaat, but if you listen carefully, the same melody can be found in all or nearly all of the RK Films productions.    In Barsaat it is the song Pran plays on his violin that tortures Reshma and is also played in the night club that drives him away and beckons her to come. In Dharma Karam, Ashok Babu is playing it on his piano when Dharam comes to kill him.  In Sangam, Sunder plays it on his accordion when he enters the party to celebrate Gopal’s return. In Bobby the RK tune comes in just after Raj sees Bobby for the first time.  The RK tune is a hauntingly romantic melody and is clearly important to Kapoor since he placed it in key moments in his movies, but neither Kapoor nor any of his colleagues wrote it.  He first heard the song in the film The Jolson Story as “Anniversary Song.” Originally the song was known as “The Waves of the Danube,” a waltz written by Romanian composer Ion Ivanovici and played for the first time during the 1899 World Exhibition in Paris.  After this first performance, the waltz became extremely popular and was spread throughout the world where it was picked up by Al Jolson and Saul Chaplin for their film. 

(from 4:15-5:30 in Bobby video)
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