EVENT PLANNING______________________________________________________________________
Kabir, A Festival of Film and Music (Multi-day event)

Target Population: Students and scholars with interest in Indian music and/ or Kabir's poetry
Approximate Attendance: 300
Responsbilities: worked mainly alone with faculty input

  • Event management and set-up
  • Supervised student workers
  • Reserved space and equipment
  • Coordinated hotel and other hospitality arrangements for guests
  • Collaborated with other universities on travel arrangements and billing 

Littlefield Lemon Day (Two-day event)
Target Population: Current residents and alumni of Littlefield
Approximate Attendance: 100+

Responsbilities: worked mainly alone and supervised committee

  • Event creation
  • Invitations and Marketing campaign
  • Committee coordination
  • Keynote speaker, Margaret Berry
  • Decorations for all event spaces
  • Coordinated group photo
  • Produced, directed and edited documentary of event
  • Oversaw all events – Bake Sale/ Lemonade Stand, Morning Tea, Ladybug Queen Contest
  • Coordinated budget and funding requests
  • Collaborated with various offices across campus

Awarded Hall of the Year

A Conversation with Shabana Azmi
Target Population: UT community
Approximate Attendance: 400+

Responsbilities: Lead role on executive committee

  • Event management and set-up
  • Supervised student workers
  • Coordination reservation of space, decorations and catering
  • Collaborated on marketing campaign
  • Co-coordinated publicity including press coverage

Incredibly successful event put together in one week and covered in Daily Texan

Hindi in Texas and Beyond: A Symposium and Dinner in Honor of Herman van Olphen (Two-day event)
Target Population: Hindi Scholars
Approximate Attendance: up to 100

Responsbilities: Co-lead role on small committee

  • Coordinated set-up decorations of dinner
  • Selected location and menu
  • Assisted with marketing campaign
  • Created and produced publicity art
  • Photographed event

Women of Whitis Weekend
Target Population: Female residents of Whitis Residence Halls
Approximate Attendance: 75+

Responsbilities: Co-lead on committee

  • Event creation
  • Invitations and marketing campaign
  • Coordinated Keynote speakers Dr. Karrol Kitt and Rebekah Ekdahl
  • Set-up, decorations and take-down
  • Craft stations

Awarded Program of the Year

University of Texas Asian Studies Graduate Student Conference (Two-day event)
Target Population: Scholars of Asia
Approximate Attendance: up to 100

Responsbilities: Member of Executive committee

  • Selected papers
  • Coordinated of scholar housing
  • Location arrangements
  • Follow-up documentation
  • Assisted conference lead

Highly successful conference with international and pan-US scholars

South American Cultural Dinner, Mediterranean Cultural Dinner
Target Population: Jester Center Residents
Approximate Attendance: 1000+

Responsbilities: worked mainly alone and oversaw committee

  • Invitations and marketing campaign
  • Researched cultures and coordinate presentation/ entertainment
  • Planned menu with input from Head Chef
  • Created informational displays and decorations

Resident Assistant Trainings (2-3 trainings per year 2000-2003, 2005-2007)
Target Population: All UT Resident Assistants
Approximate Attendance: 151-161

Responsbilities: worked on committee

  • Created and facilitate presentations
  • Coordinated diversity related training
  • Scheduling
  • Location selection and coordination
  • Assisted committee chair

South Asian Institute Student Advising Committee Student Reception
Target Population: Students of South Asia
Approximate Attendance: 30+

Responsbilities: SAISAC Officer

  • Budget
  • Menu
  • Set-up
  • Invitations and Marketing campaign
  • Photography of event



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